30€ Discount on Electricity service for Rolear costumers
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There are things that can not be stopped

Since 1979. Energy in motion. See Grupo Rolear Portfolio.
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There are things that can not be stopped

The distinct strength of Rolear Group is born from the binding of skills from its different operation areas.
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Energy Efficiency Solutions

Experience and technical know-how allied for a common goal.
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Rolear Mais

A wide range of electrical, electronic and electromechanical equipment, considering the most well known national and international brands.
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Commercialization of Equipments

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Engineering Solutions

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Gas Distribution

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Natural Gas and Electricity


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Air Conditioning and Solar Water Heating Systems

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Natura.ON Buildings - New Rolear Apartment complex

Grupo Rolear has a complete generators fleet, available for rentals.

Special offer for Rolear customers: 30€ Discount when joining Electricity service.

Turiscampo -  
Sistema Solar Térmico
Solar Photovoltaics 
Adega Cortes de Cima
Turnkey solutions 
Hotel Aquashow
Autoconsumo Fotovoltaico -  
Extension of gas supply and distribution network abroad 
Restaurante 2 Passos
Complete Remodel 
Hotel D.Filipa
Electromechanical installations  
AquaShow Park
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